Increased Medicare Telehealth 2020 Availability For Seniors During Covid-19 Crisis

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Medicare Telehealth 2020

Medicare Telehealth 2020 will be made available to all beneficiaries! As of March 6, 2020, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid services CMS, have lifted the limitations on Telehealth services for Seniors in response to the Covid-19 pandemic that is plaguing the entire planet. This was all made possible after President Donald Trump declared the United States was in a state of emergency under the 1135 Waiver Authority and the Coronavirus Preparedness and Response Supplemental Appropriations Act.

Up until just recently, Telehealth services for Medicare beneficiaries were typically limited to beneficiaries living in rural areas. In order for the services to be covered by original Medicare, these beneficiaries typically had to drive to a medical facility miles away from their homes, just to speak with a doctor over the phone or video call. This is in the best interest of the senior population who are the most susceptible to death by the Coronavirus.

This is not to be mistaken with Medicare Advantage plans, ,the private alternative to Original Medicare which you can learn more about here: Nearly all Medicare Advantage plans have some form of Telehealth services for their beneficiaries. Telehealth services currently come in three different options: Telehealth visits, virtual check-ins, and E- visits and part B of original Medicare assists with the cost-sharing of these specific services.


3 Medicare Telehealth 2020 Options

Telehealth visits are for routine doctor and other medical professional visits that are non life-threatening, and typically done in person.

Virtual check-ins were designed for already established Medicare beneficiaries who need to quickly communicate with their medical professional through text messaging, picture messaging, video messaging Etc.

E-visits, are the one type of Telehealth option that do not require any type of face-to-face or spoken communication with a medical professional. Patients can access their portal and receive the basic care they are looking for.


What Does Medicare Telehealth 2020 Expansion Mean?

There is no telling when the Covid-19 virus will subside, and I believe we are getting a very real glimpse into the future of what will begin to be the new norm in modern healthcare. Not only will we see change in this industry, but in many different Industries. Bars and restaurants seem to be shifting towards more delivery, cars are self driving, and e-sports are the only thing people can get together for. Insurance agents like myself, working in Medicare, will have to adapt and operate on a remote basis. Virtual Doctor visits are is by no means a brand new thing.

Americans working at medium and larger sized companies usually have some sort of phone-a-doctor program in their benefits package that hardly anyone uses, but that could change very soon because it is sounding a lot better than being around sick people and I think the popularity of it will only go up! These days you can’t even sneeze in public without people looking at you funny! In 2019 people used to just say, “Bless You.”

Initially, we will not be happy with these changes that are coming because we are human and we want to be comfortable. With all the chaos going on, I am predicting that Medicare Telehealth 2020 participation skyrockets. It certainly feels like the shifts we are seeing across a number of industries and in our own lifestyles was inevitable. It would also appear that the Corona Virus is the catalyst for this change in more ways than one.

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