Medicare Advantage

Medicare Advantage

Medicare Advantage plans are the private insurance version of Medicare. More and more Americans are switching to Advantage plans every year.

4 major differences with Medicare Advantage as opposed to regular Medicare are that:

1) Most plans come with prescription drug plans included (MAPD plans)

2) Many Advantage plans give beneficiaries access to Silver Sneakers Memberships that are gym memberships at select gyms across the country

3) A large proportion of Advantage plans come with very basic dental and vision coverage which is great for routine checkups. It is recommended you get a full dental and/or vision plan if you require more than routine coverage.

4) You can not get Medicare Supplement in combination with Medicare Advantage. Advantage Plans have a maximum out of pocket limit so there is no need for medicare supplement. However, beneficiaries still have access to cancer, critical illness and hospital plans to cover out of pocket costs.

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