Employee Benefits

How Do Employee Benefits Work

So maybe you’re a small business owner, or maybe you are a human resources manager, or an office manager who wears multiple hats within your company. Whether you’ve got a small business with just you and one other person, or you’re a large corporation with over 1000 employees..

Offering your staff employee benefits is essential for business growth and the retention of your best employees. The workforce is developing into a world where more and more people are becoming freelancers, more people are 1099 independent contractors, and/or are working remotely.

Finding good employees is really tough, especially when you start your business and you begin to look to hire and scale. Keeping good employees is even more difficult. It is so difficult to compete with the larger businesses out there who can offer an array of benefits packages and seem to have unlimited resources.

Fear not, there are still plenty of options available, and you’ll notice that throughout this page and throughout the website content we put out.

So we look at what’s going to keep someone staying on at a particular company? Is it a couple dollars more? Or is it higher pay and benefits like: major medical, dental; vision; life insurance, disability insurance; a wellness program; gap coverage; long term care; critical illness; and retirement plans?

Brokers and employers are getting very creative with the benefits they offer, and not to mention intangible elements like workplace culture and overall attitude and aptitude of the staff.

What Benefits Should I Offer?

Lots of things go into this, and every company is unique in their needs and their staff’s preferences.

And it’s tough to know what exactly would make them the happiest and what they need to offer them in order to keep them from leaving the job and going to the competitor?

Because, as we know, really good employees are difficult to find.

If you are looking to provide benefits for your employees, or you are looing to get a 2nd opinion from another broker, fill out the form on this page and/or book a meeting with someone from our team!