Medicare and Retirement in Portland, Oregon Is Not As Difficult As You Think

The Retirement X's and O's Playbook

Get Your Copy of The #1 Bestseller: The Retirement X's and O's Playbook!

Written and published by Adam J. Westfall, Founder of Westfall Insurance and Westfall Publishing.

"A playbook is not a one size fits all approach. It is a book with multiple plays and audibles designed for different scenarios. The Retirement X's and O's Playbook is just that. It is designed to provide the tools necessary to develop your unique gameplan to protect your retirement in the 4th quarter of life."
Fran Tarkenton
Fran Tarkenton
NFL Hall of Fame Quarterback, President of Tarkenton Financial

Westfall Insurance is here to help Americans prepare themselves to Retire Fearlessly! We know that the choices made during Medicare Open Enrollment Can Make or Break Retirement.

The three biggest fears of retirement are all financially related. These three fears are

  1. Living Too Long
  2. Not Living Long Enough
  3. Getting Sick and going into Long Term Care

Westfall Insurance places a huge emphasis on educating our local clients electing their Medicare in Portland, Oregon, and our clients enrolling in plans all over the country. We are on a mission to be experts on the topics that keep Americans from a Fearless retirement.

We believe that knowledge is ONLY half the battle, and we are also determined to help Americans develop and execute their retirement game plan. We are a team of licensed Life, Health, and Financial professionals well versed in alternative and unique wealth-building strategies. We truly believe in the saying, “Health is Wealth.”

We provide tools and live broker support for all of your Medicare Online Enrollment needs. We utilize a safe and secure digital platform to provide real-time quotes, live agent support, and electronic enrollments for those who prefer to shop online.

We only work with the top carriers in your area for Medicare Advantage, Medigap, Prescription Drug Plans, Dental and Vision, Annuities, and Life Insurance.

Please see our short video below to see how easy it is to enroll in your Medicare Parts A and B through Social Security and then shop for Supplement, Drug, and Advantage plans in your area using our FREE Medicareful Tool.

Medicare Parts A and B Enrollment

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